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Stack-canary (ROP), format string leak plus how I learned that nullbyte is not a badchar to scanf("%s",buf) - while socat ignores read on STDIN - MBE LAB8A

This time we are having some fun with a standard null-armored stack canary, as well as  an additional custom one (we will extensively cover both scenarios, as there's plenty of subject matter here), plus some peculiarities regarding scanf() and read(). The relevant MBE lecture


Out-of-bound read-write without integer sign flipping - MBE LAB8B walkthrough - the bonus version without using thisIsASecret() function

IntroductionThis is the continuation of - the bonus version not utilizing the thisIsASecret() function to get the shell. So, the basic version was in fact very simple after figuring out how to control EIP. We just overwrote it with a


Heap overflow with stack-pivoting, format string mem leaking and first-stage ROP-ing to shellcode after making it executable on the heap - on a statically linked binary (MBE LAB7A)

This is was one of the most painstaking ones (which is reflected in the length of this write up). While finding the vulnerability was trivial, building a working exploit was quite of a challenge here. The target appThe target app

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